What the Brainiacs Know About Creative Genius

Brain scientists know that you are going to remember only 1 thing in about 10 that I write here. AND I am going to need to make it memorable with a story, a picture, and something stimulating! John Medina says I am going to have to repeat it again in 90 minutes for it to truly lodge in your memory. That’s right and then AGAIN in 90 minutes and again 90 minutes after that.  That could make for a really long blog post.  (Well no wonder they run those Geiko ads so many times.)

In a TED talks 18 minute presentation on creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert shared her view on creative genius.  She reminded us that the Greeks and Romans believed creative genius to be separate from you, and flowed through you into the universe.  This separate thing removed you from being responsible if your art or idea was “good” or “not so good” when it manifested itself.  If you didn’t think it was great, you simply blamed it on your creative muse.  You were simply the vehicle through which creativity or inspiration expressed itself.

In her talk, Gilbert told a story about a long time poet who told her how poems would come to her.  She said,  “I would be working in the fields and I’d hear the poem come thundering my way and I would run as fast as I could to get into the house and grab a pen and paper to catch that poem as it came through me.  Sometimes I would miss it and it would go on down the road looking for another poet to write it down.  Other times I would catch just the tail end of the poem and I would pull it back through my body onto the page.  At those times, the poem would come out perfectly, but backwards.”

What about this do I want you to remember?  That you are off the hook and free to explore and express what is at this very moment coming through you.  Take time to run into your house, grab your own creative idea by the tail and pull it back into your world.  The world will be a better place for it.

Up your Creative Genius

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