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Sometimes the week is just amazing, wouldn’t you agree?  You meet people who are doing things in the world that make you think, “Wow!”  This week I got to stay in the city where I live and I worked with a team undergoing a merger – talk about a room filled with awesomely courageous leaders.  Here’s an example of my experience of them: I accidentally dropped my tray of markers and pastels as we were setting up the stage. Not less than fifteen hands reached in to help me pick them up. Seriously!

Later in the week I’ll be visiting with leaders and seeing the sites that support the developmentally and mentally challenged communities in and around my city – can I say thank you in advance for all that you do?

Another leadership group is working to make use of space a priority in supporting a team who is seeking to achieve great results.  All good people working to do good things.

What’s at the heart of all these experiences? Love. These leaders do and serve and lead from love. Despite budget cuts and resistance and red flags on a daily basis, they plug along doing what they know is right. AND they do it with love.

You have to feel loved to give love freely. Somewhere in their world, each of these leaders feel the supportive hands of someone or some presence that helps them connect to that innate desire to give.

How do we connect to that on a moment-to-moment basis, so we can give love when the chips are down or the conversation turns tough?

  1. Take a moment to tune in to what’s happening. That means stop talking and start listening.

  2. Tune in to your own creative genius – that genie inside you that is always available to give you insight and guidance.

  3. Imagine you are in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself, “what does he, she or it need right now?”

  4. Be grateful for what the experience is showing you.

  5. Take some small action without thought of reward.

You and I, together and individually, we make a difference in the world. It might be just a little thing, but #creativegeniusLOVE adds up, so get out and spread some around.


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