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We are traveling this month down under and I am so appreciative of the culture, the diversity of people, the weird sports they play, and the interesting food.

It made me think about how we might dress differently, talk differently (that’s quite a beautiful accent down here!), eat differently, and experience what creates our universe differently, but at the heart of all of it, we just want to give and receive love.

With that in mind, I was reading my email and I found this amazing post by Reilly Design with some amazing sketches (below) by Ben Crothers. It made me realize that while I always try to represent diversity even when all the faces in the room are white, I have been drawing people that pretty much all look similar – all Americanized. I’m putting this out there so that those of you who are graphic recorders or strategic illustrators can join me in diversifying the people in our maps.

Let’s represent the whole world, not just our room’s world.  Because when we go outside the doors of that conference room or corporate headquarters and we look around ourselves, these are the people we actually see out there.

Illustrations by the wonderful Ben Crothers.

And I love these people. They are my world family and their #creativegenius shows up everyday in my email inbox – like these TEDEd videos from school girls in Dubai, who every year send me their vision maps. Or Anthony Alvarado who is starting a youth led movement of hope. These are the people who inspire you and I to do more and be more.

This week spread your love all around the world, in all the little and big ways your creative genius guides you to – and send us stories about people who inspire you, so we can share them too.


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