This Saturday, all across the world, we are going to see women, men, and children of all shapes, sizes, identities, ethnicities, and belief systems come together to march on Washington.

You might think, “Why should I march?” or even “Why are they marching?”

We have been watching the history channel at our house, in particular a PBS show on the division in the House and Senate. Lots of whispering behind hands, and deals made to serve personal re-election interests. It spelled out once again a story of a broken system, from both Republican and Democratic perspectives. We are a country divided, that is for certain. But I’m not so sure the division is by party line. It is a race line. It’s a gender line.  And to me, it feels like a freedom line.

That’s why I’ll march and I’d invite you to be there too.

If you love the women in your life. If you believe that our safety is essential, our choices should be our own, our pay should be equal, our neighbors and friends of all color, gender, and beliefs should have the right to live, and worship freely, then you should march too.

Over the years I have illustrated 100s of meetings where men held the power and made sure to have the final say. They didn’t care if you liked what they said or not, or how others were affected as a result of their actions, and they have continued to suffer no consequences of their own. I can show you map after map of this world.

Change has come, as it always does. As people, we’re equipped for adversity. We are resilient, tough, and clear. As women, we have a voice and our voice is powerful. Now is the time for all of us to stand up. Stand up for those you love, stand up in a show of force for the rights you believe in, the freedom we have fought for and deserve. We have come so far, let’s make certain that the next four years we keep moving forward towards love, towards love.

This land is your land, Sharon Jones sings to all of us #creativegenius, so march for the freedom to continue to be, comfortably and safely, #CreativeGeniusYou.

Click here to find your local sister march.

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