Wish Upon A Star

“If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme…when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true.” – Disney’s Pinnocchio

This lyric comes with two basic assumptions: 1. That you have dreams and value them. 2. That you are capable of putting your whole heart into wishing and working for them!

Here’s what I found when I searched for “wishing on a star”:

In 2008 World leaders converging in Japan for the Group of Eight summit didn’t wish upon a star, but instead posted their hopes on a bamboo tree. That made me curious what were they wishing for and did those wishes come to be? (If anyone knows this answer, please email me!)

Wagner.edu highlights stories of women and men in our world today who “wished upon a star” and worked hard to make their dreams come to be. There are some great stories here, truly inspiring! There’s also a step by step technique out there! This simple, cartoon embedded article in the wikiHOW outlines how to wish upon a star. included are some little tips like:

  1. If you make a wish, never tell anyone what the wish is!

  2. Always close your eyes, and think really hard when you are making your wish.

  3. Sometimes, wishes need help, in order for them to come true. Help your wish come true by actually doing things. If you are wishing for a really good friend, try to find a friend when you are at a party, or in the park.

  4. Then I asked myself, what’s a person actually doing when he or she wishes upon a star?

  5. Wishing is really a form of asking, asking the universe to help you turn your dreams into reality. Asking for help in this way requires humility, belief and love. You have to love your idea or wish enough to be willing to ask for it, and love yourself enough to believe you can have that dream. Then you have to keep your attention on that wish and do whatever it takes to help it along.

What do you secretly wish for? Tonight (or on the next clear night), go outside, find that star, then close your eyes, open your heart, and wish.

I’m wishing #leaders everywhere will join you!

Full song lyrics here.

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