Year of the Creative Rooster

The New Year is here! 2017 is the year of the Rooster in the Chinese calendar. What does that mean for you? The Rooster, which begins January 28, 2017 is the sign of dawn and awakening. According to the descriptions, triumph and success can only be achieved at the price of hard work and patience in 2017.

Okay you might be thinking it’s time to buckle up for this wild, loud ride ;-) but if we are in for dawn and awakening, what better time to wake up your creative genius?

How might you do that?  Here’s a fun and simple process:

  1. Get a pad of post-its and a sharpie. Find a blank wall.  Set a timer for 12 minutes, then as fast as you can, come up with ideas for new things you think would be fun to try this year – at work or in your business, in your personal life, with your health, in your community or spiritual practice. Remember great ideas sometimes are extensions of what we are currently doing, so try to be open to ALL ideas that drop in without censorship. Write one idea per post it and put them on that blank wall in front of you.  When you have about 30 you are going to feel stuck, now is time to write the really, really “out there” ideas. Yes, put them up too.

  2. Drink some water, walk away for a second or two, then return to the wall. What do you see? Start to affinity-group ideas or combine ideas together randomly to make things more interesting.  My categories aren’t typical – I try to put “fun” things together or “crazy” things together, sometimes “bad” ideas together. You might get some new ideas – be sure to put them up there too!

  3. Now imagine you have one year to fulfill your purpose and pull out the things that you think will make a difference – to you, to your family, to your world. Choose 12 ideas from all the ones you came up with that you really, really, really want to do.  Put those 12 in their own separate space.

  4. Take a picture of all the other ideas on your wall.

  5. Put your 12 where you can see them every day. Daydream about them. Work them with your imagination. And everyday, do one small thing towards making one of them happen.

It’s 2017. Triumph and success come with hard work and patience. The New Year is a great time to step more fully into the creativegeniusYOU you were meant to become. Happy New Year! Send us a photo of you and your wall of ideas!


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