You are good enough

Let’s start a trend.

Let’s start each day telling ourselves that we are enough.

We are smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, capable enough.

The only thing interfering with our appreciation of our own magnificence, is ourselves. Sometimes we appreciate everybody around us, but forget to pat ourselves on the back. Other times, we appreciate those around us, and let that appreciation cast a negative light back onto ourselves. We see everybody else as successful, and ourselves as less-than. Other times again, we’re just too busy to appreciate anybody or anything, and we rush through life living 50 years in the blink of an eye.

Step one in feeling good enough, is slowing down enough to notice and appreciate your own efforts.

Step two, is looking back over your own unique history, and using that as the yardstick for your success. We all have vastly different backgrounds, and none of us had an equal start in all aspects of life. There are some things that you’re great at, but I struggle with, and vica versa. Comparing yourself to others makes no sense. Instead, compare yourself to your past self. Are you progressing? Are you a little less nervous at public speaking than you used to be? Are you a little bit stronger than before?

Step three, is knowing that success isn’t linear. We all want our success graphs to look like this.

But the reality is that success looks a lot more like this.

Understand that, and be kind to yourself when you’re down deep in those valleys.

Step four, and this one is super important, is knowing that being good enough, and having a goal of being better, are not mutually exclusive points of view. In fact, loving and appreciating where you are right now, in this moment, is a key factor to building success.

Being enough isn’t something that’s controlled by external factors, and it isn’t a decision you make about yourself. It’s just something that is. You are good enough. You just might need a little push to recognize it.


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