Your Fascinating Imagination

Imagination is the vehicle in which we find rest, we dream, we explore, in which we create.  It’s the place of longing and belonging.

In doing research for my most recent talk at TEDxSacramento, “Imagination Changes Everything“, I came across some great tips on how to keep your imagination vibrant.  It goes without saying that you have to exercise your imagination along with everything else to keep in shape, so here are two simple ways to help you stretch those imagination muscles:

TIP 1:  Notice something in your environment.* Pretend that thing, that feeling, that weird experience you are having, is a piece of art.  Study it as if it is a specimen, or a still life.  What do you notice?  How does it feel?  What questions do you have?  What patterns do you see?

*HINT:  Do NOT do this when your spouse or partner needs you to listen to them, trust me, that is the one time you many not want to try this imagination expander ;-0

TIP 2:  Play the “What If” game.  Ask yourself…”What if I got a GOOGLE car?  What if I were that bike racer in the Tour de France?  What if I were able to wake up in a new body, or be anyone, anywhere?”  Play around with this fantasy and see what you learn about what you secretly want or think you’d like to do.  ThenQUICKLY, write down what you learned about yourself!  DO IT!

Some of my biggest risk taking and self expanding moments came playing this game.  #meanit

It’s summer.  Try something new.  Expand yourself into parts of YOU that you didn’t know you had.  Every moment is an opportunity to play around in that fascinating imagination of  yours. You do it all the time anyway, when you needlessly worry, why not COMMIT to something fun in those imaginary worlds? You will be pleasantly surprised at the results when you do.  Imagination changes everything.

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