9 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius

9 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius


Could you use some help envisioning solutions to your problems? Wish you knew some simple, secret, highly-effective shortcuts for making positive changes? Look no further!


These 9 Tips to Up Your Creative Genius are guaranteed to result in impressive changes in your ability to listen to your own intuition, get your creative juices flowing and create the life you want.

Offer expires at the end of this lifetime, so let’s get started today!

  • Reviews

    Emer Kelly – January 2, 2019

    I love this book. It’s friendly, approachable and simple. A super fun read, and something I like to pick up and flick through from time to time :)


    Jill Gumina – December 18, 2018

    A must have! Cherish this little pocket tome: light in physical weight and heavy with practical, playful and very profound solutions. The phrase “When the student is ready, the teacher will
    come” couldn’t fit more perfectly for Patti D’s powerful prose. I’m buying copies for those dear to me because it can truly change lives!!


    Patricia Howell – December 3, 2018

    This little book is the perfect remedy for times when you need to get back in touch with your creativity and inspiration. I will be keeping my copy on my desk for those inevitable days when I need to rekindle the passion that led me to start my own business. And I love the drawings!



    Sharon G. Madison – December 1, 2018

    Great read. Let your Creative Genius come out. She’s in there. I love these 9 tips and I have started using them. Thank you Patti for writing this great book. I have loved your Ted talks.



    Happy Customer – December 1, 2018

    Love this book! Quick read with ideas that make sense and just make you smile. I ordered 7 stocking stuffers! Thank you!

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