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Today's business world changes at the speed of light. Can your organization pivot fast enough?  

Hi, I'm Patti!

In 2011, I took the stage and gave a TEDx talk that went viral. Now over 6 million people around the world have seen the value of drawing your future to turn their dreams into reality. A comic street performer/waitress, I drew a picture of myself on Broadway and landed there three months later. Since then I've drawn thousands for drawings for people and organizations all around the world.  As an author, keynote speaker and business consultant for Fortune 100 companies, my drawings are transformative and will take you from being a goal setter to a goal getter.

Research shows when you draw a picture of the future you desire, put it where people can see and take action on it everyday, you'll increase your team's resilience and their goal achievement by 42%.

Who wouldn't want a picture like that?

Brands I've worked with:

What My Clients Think

"Our session with you was so powerful, that visual lives on everyone's screen saver as a constant reminder of where we are going and what to focus on next. If you ever want a full time job, you've got one here at Brooks!"

Dan Sheridan

SVP Sales, Brooks Running Company

Up Your Organization's Genius With One Of My Programs

"Our organization is reeling from massive change, we need a speaker to inspire & engage us."

"36% of our employees don’t understand our vision and how they impact it."

"My two teams are coming together for the first time – and they don’t get along!"

"We love your Draw Your Future process, can you train us to run it ourselves?"

Hire Me to Speak at your Event

Dynamic, Engaging Keynotes​

A comic performer, writer and visual thinker, I will partner with your design team to create a powerful talk that will lock itself into the long term memory.  I'll draw a picture of that talk and your audience's ideas live onstage, so your organization will  have a lasting piece of art to remind them, this is us. This is our future.

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Upcoming Courses & Events

Are you a coach, consultant, instructor or facilitator who wants to help your clients, students or teams achieve their goals 72% faster? Then you are a perfect candidate for our Draw Your Future Online Certification Course.

Draw Your Future Certification for Consultants

Next Class Starts February 2nd 7:30AM CST

3 Steps to Find Your TEDx Big Idea

March 2nd at 11am CST and 7:30pm CST

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn to draw a powerful picture that will take you from goal setting to goal getting and step into the dream business and life you have always longed for.

Draw Your Future to Transform Your Business and Your Life!

Starts March 3rd, 7:30AM CST

Give Yourself A One-on-One Mapping Session With Me

You Dream. I Draw. It's Awesome!

If you want to transform yourself, work better with your team, or level up your business, even if you're not sure of what's next, Creative Genius You Coaching will bring the clarity, motivation and focus you need, so you can start taking action today.

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