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Draw Your Future​

For centuries, athletes have used visual goal setting to help fuel motivation and higher performance and you can use your imagination to create the changes you want today. Imagination is your innate superpower! In our ubernet world of distraction, a picture of your future will help you remember where to focus. Our brains prioritize goal-relevant information, so visual goal setting helps you and your team target your energy and resources towards the right things, ensuring you will get the most out of your effort. A drawing is the simplest way to keep you focused on the right things.

Visual Goal Setting is For Anyone - You Don't Need to Know How to Draw

A 2014 study at the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience showed that participants who visualized a task before completing it performed better than those who had actually done a practice run. Imagining or drawing an image or writing words to describe yourself in an experience you desire, activates the same areas in the brain as when you are actually doing it. This is a simple way to rewire your brain and shift old behaviors or thought patterns to act in alignment with what you desire.

Constant Repetition

How many times have you set goals, then a few weeks later realized you had forgotten about them altogether? Or maybe you've set some goals and when they didn't happen fast enough, got demotivated and fell down the slippery slope of "I can't make it happen!"  


Most of us lose momentum in hitting our goals, because we haven't learned how to lock in small successes to maintain motivation. Visual goal setting, combined with immediate action hits an internal success button of success. That sends high powered chemistry into your body so you WANT to keep going!

You can learn a powerful proven process to bypass your old ways of thinking and step into the new reality you desire.

Here’s what others have said after a visioning session with Patti

Our session with you was so powerful, that visual lives on everyone's screen saver as a constant reminder of where we are going and what to focus on next. If you ever want a full time job, you've got one here at Brooks!

Dan Sheridan, SVP Sales, Brooks Running Company

TEDX Rainier Talk:

Draw Your Future: How a Simple Picture Can Change Everything

Technology in this age of the digital economy requires you to quickly assess and pivot  strategy, goals, and sometimes augment your vision. In this talk you and your audience 

will see how to use a picture to help accelerate change.


Draw Your Future with Agilities

Draw Your Future with Agilities is a free, online video tutorial from Up Your Creative Genius and the DeBruce Foundation to help individuals build self-awareness and agility to navigate the future. The video tutorial prompts users to discover their work strengths and interests, or “Agilities.” It then guides them through a process to draw the future they would like for themselves.  It encourages users to take their time, pausing when needed, to complete the action steps.  The video can be a way for individuals to practice wellness, establish goals, and expand their pathways for the days ahead.

Ready to Draw Your Future? All you’ll need is a pen, this template or a piece of blank paper and a readiness to dream!


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